The FWFakes Puzzle

Our puzzle is meant to be to stimulating brain teaser – the challenge section below gives you details of what you need to do in order to solve it.

Its design is inspired by the science underlying our Royal Society exhibit, A Future Without Fakes – find out more here.

The Challenge

Your puzzle should resemble the outlined image below…

FWFakes Puzzle

…the challenge is simple, pop out all of the pieces and arrange them in a complete triangle, with no gaps, as follows:

FWFakes Puzzle

If you have completed the challenge then please tweet a picture @FWFakes – this will enter you into a draw for a small prize!

Stuck? Please see this page for some clues.

Too easy? You didn’t think we’d leave it there, did you? How many solutions have you found and can you prove the maximum number that can exist? Tweet @FWFakes with every extra solution you find and you’ll earn bonus points!

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